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Why this site might be just what you need.
Government attack on good holistic and pain management physicians has caused 50 million people in America to have untreated pain and has tripled the drug addiction in the country.
     Find out what you can do to change this situation. Learn how you can maintain your health. Health and healing does not have to be a secret.  
     Currently unable to practice medicine because of government collusion, Ms. Cheek can still write and teach.  She offers pamphlets, seminars, and her latest work, a novel--Target: Pain Doc.

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What You'll Find Here
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Have Pain?
​1.  What can you do about the current situation pain patients are in.
2.  Free download of Chapter One of Target: Pain Doc.
3.  Definitions of terms involving pain and its effects.
4.  Pain statistics
5.  The real cause of pain
6.  Prolotherapy
7.  What causes drug addiction
8.  Minimizing risk of addiction in pain patients
9.  Treatment of withdrawal.
10. Auriculotherapy
11. Audio of planned government genocide.
12. Video by Dr. Stephen Grinstead on Pain

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Need Healing?
​1.  The Seven Pillars of Health
2.  The Seven Steps to Healing
3.  Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
4.  Dysbiosis--what is it?
5.  HMF--Human Microflora
6.  Alkaline Diet
7.  Omega 3's and fish oil
8.  Acidity and it's effects
9.  Juicing
10. Enzymes
11. Cleansing the body at the cellular level
12. Importance of qi (chi) in healing

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Author Bio
​A pictoral and written account of who Dr. Cheek is.
Includes her charities and ministries if you care to donate.
Double your money!!

Receive an equal amount of natural remedies (Arnica montana, Methyl M and Bromelain/Papain) as the amount of your order.  Try them out and see if you don't feel a difference.
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What are you searching for?  



You've come to the right place. But how do you know that? Possibly you've tried many things on your own already. How do you trust Ms. Cheek? How do you choose what you need right now that will help you the most? How do you get the biggest bang for your buck? These are the questions you might be asking. In this brief introduction, we hope that you will learn to trust your spirit. 

You have been brought here 
for a purpose. 

Don't turn your back on it. At least come with an open mind. Anything you try here, if you do not receive some benefit with a three month trial, you have a money-back guarantee.

Why should you trust Ms. Cheek?

Ms. Cheek became a physician at the age of 40 to help people heal from disease.  It didn't take long for her to learn that conventional medicine doesn't heal disease.  You've probably learned that too.  If you're on medicines, you will probably stay on medicines, unless you follow the principles outlined here. 


Our government just doesn't want you to know that, because our economy is based on keeping people sick, feeding the hospital and Big Pharma industries and then hoping people will die before age 65. Do you want to be one of those people, or do you want to break free, be healthy and live a long, prosperous and healthy life?


As a physician, Dr. Cheek put her life, freedom, and livelihood on the line for her patients, and for you. She has stood up to government attack not once, but twice. She is willing to do this because the message is so important.  

The result of the government attacks is that Dr. Cheek is a felon and unlicenced as a physician. But, considering the government agenda in health care and pain management, that should give Ms. Cheek more credibility, not less.  And it should make you want to show support for the cause.  

Why would you want to put your faith in a felon?  Because Ms. Cheek is a 

Felon With a Cause: Health Care.  

If someone is so sure of what she knows that she is willing to go to prison for people to learn from her knowledge, it must be real. 

One of the reasons the government attacks Dr. Cheek is she speaks the truth.  The government is not your friend. You must stop depending on them and take responsibiility for your own health.  Government programs, government handouts, government insurance, these are all ways they use to keep you right where you are.  Is that where you want to be, or 

Do you want to be better?  
Do you want to be healthier?  
Do you want better for your family?  

Then first, you must be healthy.  


Ms. Cheek has faith in God that the message of healing she has for you has a purpose.  The first level of healing is spirit.  If you are destined to heal, you will find the way.  That's why you are here now.  Don't turn your back on it.  Healing is possible. The body can heal from anything, even diseases that conventional medicine says are not treatable.  They just want you on their pills. If you eliminate environmental toxins, remove the roadblocks, restore the nutrients, remove the dysbiosis, and trigger the healing potential in your body with homeopathic instruction you can heal just about anything, even stage 4 cancers or fibromyalgia, a disease worse than cancer.  People are doing it all the time.  

In your path of healing, you will need some direction.  The remedies recommended here are a start.  At the beginning of your healing journey, you do not need a specific physician consult. You can improve your health tremendously with just these few suggestions.  

The best start for most problems is by replacing bad organisms in your body with the good, HUMAN FORM bacteria, or HMF.  Learn more about HMF and dysbiosis on the NEED HEALING page. (Click here)   Imagine getting on the road to healing, and you didn't even have to pay the consult fee!  By the time you want to do that, you will have seen the healing potential of these products, and you will BELIEVE!! 

Why Seroyal products?
Seroyal products are made in Europe.  What is the difference?  In America, products do not have to prove they contain what is written on the label.  FDA approval means absolutely nothing.  There is no required proof on any American made product that it contains the correct ingredients.  All FDA approval gives you is the possible assurance that the product won't be harmful.  Of course, that guarantee is based on what they know at the time.  Aspartame is FDA approved, and you might already know the truth about that. 

In Europe, products are under much higher scrutiny.  This is because Europe treats alternative remedies as if they were medicines.  The ingredients have to be pharmaceutical grade.  If the bottle says there are x milligrams of substance, there must be at least that much in the product.  Seroyal's products are tested and proven to have what they say they have. In HMF Intensive, for example, if it states there are 18 billion organisms present, there are guaranteed that many at the end of the shelf life.  So a fresh product will have even more.  Your American made products don't have that stipulation, and could contain anything, or nothing at all.

Seroyal products are only sold through practitioners.  They have strict resale requirements.  The products you find on this website are the cheapest you'll find anywhere.  We follow Seroyal's requirements for web service.  If you find products anywhere else that are cheaper, beware, and report them to Seroyal.

Seroyal products are the most energetically balanced products for the human body.  UNDA, the company for homeopathic products, will not allow a gatherer to work if they are not energetically healthy at the time.  UNDA understands the importance of energy in every process from collection to distribution. 

Although you might find products out there that are cheaper than Seroyal, what is more a waste of money than something that doesn't help?  Seroyal products give you the biggest bang for your buck.  For just overall health, getting on HMF intensive, Super EFA liquid, and Ichol, a basic package for cleansing, nutrition, and removing dysbiosis, the cost is only $82.44.  That alone should prevent infections that would make you lose work or decrease your efficiency at work, thus saving you money!!!  What better investment is there?

The health knowledge found on this web site is not something that you will learn in 1-2 minutes of browsing. Please bookmark the site.  Come back to it frequently.  If you are led on a path to healing, get started with something basic, like HMF.  Remember, if you see no improvement in your overall health, you have a money-back guarantee with a three month trial. 
Dr. Cheek Shares :
1. How to Heal from 
2. Procedures that Can
    Help Heal Disease.
3. The Only Probiotic You
    Don't Have to Keep
    Replacing, because it is
        HUMAN FORM.
4.  Insights on the
Prolotherapy and Athletic Injury
Video from chronic pain patient
Knowledge about healing is incorporated throughout the novel, Target: Pain Doc. It's worth buying the book just for that information, besides opening your eyes about the evil in our government policies today.
The Injustice of Chronic Pain
Fight Chronic Pain
Although usually a supporter of buying American, Dr. Cheek does not recommend that philosophy when looking at natural remedies.  Look European for quality.
High quality remedies
Poor quality remedies

LindaCheekMD is an equal opportunity website.  If you know of something that helps healing and want to advertize here or affiliate with this web site,  


to contact Ms. Cheek for consideration.
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Have  Ms. Cheek come and speak to a group at your business, church, or home. Learn how to be healthy and cure disease. You really need to hear this and start on the road to healing. At least, learn what to stop doing that is causing diseases to develop. 

Seven Steps to Healing
Curing Cancer
Curing Arthritis
Drug Abuse & Addiction
The Alkaline Diet
And more.

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Ms. Cheek was a guest on Dr. Veronica's blogtalk radio show, Wellness for the Real World.  The topic? 
SEX: how to make it better for women.  
I have summarized our discussion and posted it on my blog  The magical formula for women to help improve sex drive is Quecus pedonculata, available in the store.
Try it, you'll like it.  But remember you need to get to the cause--chronic stress--to get the best effect.

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